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Above All – Practice Safe Sex

Above All – Practice Safe Sex

Bacon Condoms – Bringing Bacon Into the Bedroom We’re all about making wise choices…and one of the best decisions you can make is to practice safe sex.  Practicing safe sex is not only important for preventing disease, but also to prevent pregnancy for those not[.....]

Anne Hathaway Going Commando

  Sorry, Anne Hathaway.  Going commando comes with a certain amount of responsibility – otherwise it leads to embarrassing consequences.  We’ve all seen the photos.  Ugh.  What were they thinking?  We won’t name names, but really Anne, it’s not a list we ever imagined seeing[.....]

Laters, Baby!

Laters, Baby!

It’s time to weigh in on the Fifty Shades of Grey enthusiasm, particularly in light of author E. L. James’ appearance on the Katie Couric show.  Watching her under the heavy spotlight of what appeared to be a mostly welcoming audience, we felt her discomfort[.....]

WWYMD Will Release New French-Inspired Collection

WWYMD has designed a French-inspired tee collection to add to their new Spring line in response to the growing media attention from France.  “We are incredibly excited to debut the new collection which includes the French translation of some of our more popular phrases,” reports Maria[.....]

What Would Your Mother Do Captures The Attention Of French TV

A northern California based online retailer, WWYMD.COM has caught the attention of French-speaking TV channel M6 with their collection of whimsical t-shirts and boy shorts designed for teens and young adults. What Would Your Mother Do? (WWYMD) was created two years ago by Maria and[.....]

The 5 Most Important College Items

With graduation coming up soon, I thought I’d compose a list of the top 5 most important college items. These are things that I could not have done without during my first year of college: 5. Yoga Pants – Yoga pants are the classier cousin[.....]

Still going strong!

I’m still alive! Spring term has been more than a handful. School is kicking my booty while I wear those cute undies! I am taking 19 units this term- what possessed me to do that I’m still trying to figure out. I’m probably on campus[.....]

April babies

Well, today is my boyfriends 21st Birthday! He had casually  mentioned to  me at some point or any other that he wanted  a pair of nicer khaki slacks. I picked up on his cue quite appropriately for his birthday surprise.  So I went out to[.....]