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Above All – Practice Safe Sex

May 22 2013

Bacon Condoms – Bringing Bacon Into the Bedroom

We’re all about making wise choices…and one of the best decisions you can make is to practice safe sex.  Practicing safe sex is not only important for preventing disease, but also to prevent pregnancy for those not ready for parenthood.  The use of condoms is the most effective way of preventing STDs and HIV.  Condoms have been around for centuries and been made of various materials like paper, animal skin and of course, the modern day latex version.  But, bacon?  Whaaaat?!  Yep, thanks to a company right here in America, the latest condom incarnation is geared toward BACON lovers.  Made of high quality latex, every Bacon Condom is generously applied with a water-based, meat-flavored personal lubricant made for your enjoyment.  The company’s website states: “It’s our dream to make everything taste like bacon.”  This is great news for meat lovers who have long felt a void in the bedroom arena.   

We checked the company’s website and currently, the pork-flavored prophylactic is out of stock.  But, not to worry, BACON LUBE, the Bacon-Flavored Personal Lubricant is in stock and ready for delivery!

*Along with sexual activity comes HUGE responsibility.  If you are having sex or planning to, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and stay safe and healthy.  Safe sex education is an important topic and we encourage you to do the research so that you are armed with the best information.

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