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Anne Hathaway Going Commando

Dec 16 2012


Sorry, Anne Hathaway.  Going commando comes with a certain amount of responsibility – otherwise it leads to embarrassing consequences.  We’ve all seen the photos.  Ugh.  What were they thinking?  We won’t name names, but really Anne, it’s not a list we ever imagined seeing you on.

Don’t get us wrong – we don’t begrudge you for leaving the panties at home during the recent NY premiere of Les Miserable (well, being a purveyor of panties, maybe just a little).  But, Anne you are a trendsetter to watch.  We love your style.  Whether it be red carpet or jeans and a sweater kind of day, you always inspire.  This is why we were so incredibly surprised to see you front and center in wardrobe malfunction territory.  The dratted black bar marking your inelegant exit from a vehicle was displeasing enough to garner a collective sigh heard ’round the world.  Once our own disappointment wore off, we had to wonder a few things.

First (and possibly the most obvious of questions), might a thong have provided you with a sufficient alternative to the dreaded panty-line-dilemma?  You mentioned in an interview that the dress was tight, so maybe the thong came with its own set of problems and didn’t make the final cut.  Okay – we get that.

This brings us to our second thought – what happened to the “thigh squeeze” we all clamoured about when a certain red head left us with distasteful images of her own unmentionables?  It should be the obligatory mantra of any short-skirted, pantyless starlet going out in public.  We can only imagine what it feels like to be in the spotlight during one of your glamorous film premieres.  Paparazzi are everywhere – all eyes and camera lenses on you, right?  We can picture it now.  Camera flashes nearly blind you as you try to slide gracefully out of the car.  You’re in a tight dress.  You’re not wearing panties.  You squeeze your knees together to avoid any unflattering pictures.  Wait.  What?  Oh, Anne, you forgot to press your knees together?  A simple squeeze of the thighs might have spared you this bit of embarrassment.

What would your mother do?  She might tell you to play it safe next time – wear underwear!

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