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WWYMD Will Release New French-Inspired Collection

Feb 16 2012

WWYMD has designed a French-inspired tee collection to add to their new Spring line in response to the growing media attention from France.  “We are incredibly excited to debut the new collection which includes the French translation of some of our more popular phrases,” reports Maria Watts of WWYMD.

The French Connection

Recently approached by Ted Anspach, a journalist with French TV station M6, WWYMD was thrilled to participate in a segment that discusses the growing movement against casual sex amongst teens and young adults in the Unisted States.   The story, which will air in France later in the year will serve to illustrate that casual sex isn’t being taken as lightly as it used to.  “With the potential repercussions involved, it is encouraging to see young people thinking twice about their decisions.,” said Watts.  “Emotional as well as physical well-being is taking precedence in their decision making.”

The new collection can be found at

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