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What Would Your Mother Do Captures The Attention Of French TV

Feb 6 2012

A northern California based online retailer, WWYMD.COM has caught the attention of French-speaking TV channel M6 with their collection of whimsical t-shirts and boy shorts designed for teens and young adults.

What Would Your Mother Do? (WWYMD) was created two years ago by Maria and Shawn Watts of Redding, CA, who were tired of the uber provocative messages on apparel aimed at young girls and boys. The collection is a fresh take on t-shirts and underwear that can be used to inspire wise choices and promote a conversation.

Ted Anspach a journalist for French TV M6, said the company caught his attention as he prepared a story segment on the growing movement against casual sex amongst teens and young adults in the United States. “People usually have sex before marriage, but again youngsters are now questioning the fact that having sex might not be just for fun,” he said. “And having sex at an early age doesn’t specially mean being ‘cool.”

The segment on WWYMD was taped over a two day period in February 2012 and will air in France later in the year.

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