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Still going strong!

May 14 2011

I’m still alive!

Spring term has been more than a handful. School is kicking my booty while I wear those cute undies! I am taking 19 units this term- what possessed me to do that I’m still trying to figure out. I’m probably on campus more than I am at home. I guess that’s how it should be in college though. It shows you’re a good student when you spend the majority of your time in school and away from other distracting events. I just recently joined a sorority, YAY Tri Delta. I’ve been heavily involved with all my New Member Education sessions and various social events with the girls to create strong bonds of sisterhood. I’m blessed to be surrounded by such classy and strong women on a daily basis. Speaking of strong people, my mom and dad are coming this weekend. Tri Delta is putting on “Mom’s Weekend” and we have tons of fun events planned for the moms and their daughters. My dad is tagging along for the ride :) I can’t wait to see her and my dad!

Hopefully everyone who is reading this is having a wonderful and uplifting day.

Peace love and happiness,


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