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Yoga and Boyshorts

Mar 15 2011

     Oh my gosh I cannot believe I haven’t written in over 6 weeks! It’s already finals week and to say that I’ve been busy is an understatement. The only reason I’m even awake is because Daylight Savings really messed me up today and it’s 1am and I’m not even tired!!

     My one escape from all the stress is yoga. My friend recently told me about iTunes podcasts; they are free, informative, and awesome! I found a few podcasts that are all about yoga. Some of them even have videos so if you are unfamiliar with yoga, they show you how to do it.
The best part about it is the fun yoga clothes you get to wear, including my wonderful WWYMD boyshorts. It’s a great way to feel sexy and spiritual at the same time! Well I have the first of my 4 finals tomorrow morning so I better get to sleep!!

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