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Mar 6 2011

Well, Oregon decided to take a dump on us this week, both educationally and weatherly. Yeah, I know that’s not a real word, just work with me here. Non stop tests and papers and it’s been non-stop rain for the last week and the next seven days are just the same. My outfit selection: waterproof pants, rainboots, rain jacket, oh yea and an umbrella. At least my umbrella is pretty and purple, it’s the only sign of color around here.

I do have to say, the tulips that are begininning to bloom in our front yard add a little touch of life to this winter depression. Spring is beginning to show it’s colors- one umbrella and tulip at a time!


P.S. My cute waterbottle decided to unscrew in my bag and soak some paper and important electronic devices. I managed to salvage most of the remains- nothing was damaged too much. I still have mad love for the sexy bottle though, but I need to screw it tighter next time! Note to self: keep all water in Oregon OUT of my bag!

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