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Dec 15 2010

Shopping is just about finished and Christmas treats are over flowing out of our pantry. My mom has a knack for making biscotti’s topped with chocolate. They’re perfect to dip in your morning coffee too.

I love this time of year, minus the weather. (If you’ve read any of my blogs you will find a reoccurring theme of bitterness towards cold, dreary, rainy type weather. Sorry to be a negative ¬†nancy, but my white body is ready for some sun! I know it’s winter time, but just a few days of sunny rays is all I’m asking!!! )

Being home feels so nice, stress free, and I have a pair of these undies to lounge around in :) Gotta love them, they fit like a charm. I have the black pair that say What Would Your Mother Do? in pink stitching. I’d get yourself a pair if I were you!


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