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Midterms, Ah!

Nov 4 2010

Hello fellow peeps!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something on this site! Gotta say, during the mid term time, phew, school gets tough! All professors think their class is the most important thing in the whole world. I’m taking 17 units which is a full load and I have had essays up the wazoo. I have a midterm for my Architecture class coming up this Monday! Thankfully that was the only test I have had this term. Most of my classes are paper based, which is bittersweet. ¬†Overall, I’m loving school though! My room mates are great, the weather is nice right now, classes are fun, and our football team is number 1 in the nation, go ducks! What’s there to complain about?

Let me know if any of you have been watching duck football or want to chat about midterms. If you’re anything like me it helps to rant about the annoying tests! I feel your pain! Holla back!


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