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On the final front!

Hello everyone! Wanted to drop in and say that I am on the home stretch for finals. I have some essays due coming up and no tests to speak of! Gotta love classes that just require a final essay. It’s so nice. Hope 2010 is[.....]

Homeward Bound!

Today is the day I get to go home for Thanksgiving! Just have to make it through two more classes and then I’m homeward bound. Eugene received snow for the first time since I’ve been up here at the UO. Lots of people were very[.....]

It’s Thanksgiving Week!

It’s Thanksgiving week everyone!  WWYMD wishes you safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving!  We are grateful for you! Tweet

Teenagers & Dating

For those of us who have kids in high school, navigating the murky waters of teenage dating can be a daunting experience.   High school girls find themselves spending more and more time with the opposite sex that curiosity and interest begins to peak.  Naturally, we want[.....]

Great school tips!

Reading Cat’s post on her Thanksgiving plans made me realize how quickly this school year is passing.   It seems like yesterday I was dropping off my niece Lauren at Seattle University and now she too, is making her own plans for the holidays. Check out[.....]

Thanksgiving on the way!

Can’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving! College makes me appreciate home so much more. Being from Redding, California with not much culture made me want to leave and explore a new place for college. But, I gotta say, being away from home makes me[.....]

xoxo – - How do you sign off on emails?

Reading over Jamie’s entry regarding cell phone usage and the feeling of being over connected in a world where communication is literally at our fingertips got me thinking about a recent article I read about email sign offs.  Technology has made it so easy for us to whip up an email[.....]

Midterms Over!

I made it through midterms! Thank goodness! It is week seven out of ten for the University of Oregon. I’m planning on working extra hard these last couple of weeks to get my grades to be the best they can be. I’m trying to pull[.....]

Midterms almost over!

The craze of midterms is finally over! Well, almost. For the past 5 weeks, I have had two midterms a week along with other assignments and essays scattered in between. Wednesday marks my last midterm before I embark on the lovely task of preparing for[.....]

Midterms, Ah!

Hello fellow peeps! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something on this site! Gotta say, during the mid term time, phew, school gets tough! All professors think their class is the most important thing in the whole world. I’m taking 17 units which is a[.....]