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Above All – Practice Safe Sex

Bacon Condoms – Bringing Bacon Into the Bedroom

We’re all about making wise choices…and one of the best decisions you can make is to practice safe sex.  Practicing safe sex is not only important for preventing disease, but also to prevent pregnancy for those not ready for parenthood.  The use of condoms is the most effective way of preventing STDs and HIV.  Condoms have been around for centuries and been made of various materials like paper, animal skin and of course, the modern day latex version.  But, bacon?  Whaaaat?!  Yep, thanks to a company right here in America, the latest condom incarnation is geared toward BACON lovers.  Made of high quality latex, every Bacon Condom is generously applied with a water-based, meat-flavored personal lubricant made for your enjoyment.  The company’s website states: “It’s our dream to make everything taste like bacon.”  This is great news for meat lovers who have long felt a void in the bedroom arena.   

We checked the company’s website and currently, the pork-flavored prophylactic is out of stock.  But, not to worry, BACON LUBE, the Bacon-Flavored Personal Lubricant is in stock and ready for delivery!

*Along with sexual activity comes HUGE responsibility.  If you are having sex or planning to, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and stay safe and healthy.  Safe sex education is an important topic and we encourage you to do the research so that you are armed with the best information.


Happy Wednesday!


Get Ready For Valentine’s Day!


Anne Hathaway Going Commando


Sorry, Anne Hathaway.  Going commando comes with a certain amount of responsibility – otherwise it leads to embarrassing consequences.  We’ve all seen the photos.  Ugh.  What were they thinking?  We won’t name names, but really Anne, it’s not a list we ever imagined seeing you on.

Don’t get us wrong – we don’t begrudge you for leaving the panties at home during the recent NY premiere of Les Miserable (well, being a purveyor of panties, maybe just a little).  But, Anne you are a trendsetter to watch.  We love your style.  Whether it be red carpet or jeans and a sweater kind of day, you always inspire.  This is why we were so incredibly surprised to see you front and center in wardrobe malfunction territory.  The dratted black bar marking your inelegant exit from a vehicle was displeasing enough to garner a collective sigh heard ’round the world.  Once our own disappointment wore off, we had to wonder a few things.

First (and possibly the most obvious of questions), might a thong have provided you with a sufficient alternative to the dreaded panty-line-dilemma?  You mentioned in an interview that the dress was tight, so maybe the thong came with its own set of problems and didn’t make the final cut.  Okay – we get that.

This brings us to our second thought – what happened to the “thigh squeeze” we all clamoured about when a certain red head left us with distasteful images of her own unmentionables?  It should be the obligatory mantra of any short-skirted, pantyless starlet going out in public.  We can only imagine what it feels like to be in the spotlight during one of your glamorous film premieres.  Paparazzi are everywhere – all eyes and camera lenses on you, right?  We can picture it now.  Camera flashes nearly blind you as you try to slide gracefully out of the car.  You’re in a tight dress.  You’re not wearing panties.  You squeeze your knees together to avoid any unflattering pictures.  Wait.  What?  Oh, Anne, you forgot to press your knees together?  A simple squeeze of the thighs might have spared you this bit of embarrassment.

What would your mother do?  She might tell you to play it safe next time – wear underwear!


Laters, Baby!

It’s time to weigh in on the Fifty Shades of Grey enthusiasm, particularly in light of author E. L. James’ appearance on the Katie Couric show.  Watching her under the heavy spotlight of what appeared to be a mostly welcoming audience, we felt her discomfort at all of the attention her books have generated.  It’s of little surprise that a trilogy marketed as erotic romance with BDSM undertones would produce both impassioned adoration and intense criticism.

Described as “mommy porn” by various notable outlets, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the story is much more than that.  The whole BDSM realm, in fact, plays a back seat to what we found to be the central premise…a study in relationships.  The constant struggle that the two main characters, Ana and Christian find themselves in throughout the book series is COMPROMISE.  For whatever their reasons, they want to be together, despite the humungous disproportion in their backgrounds.  Each of them makes concessions along the way, though if we were keeping score, we’d have to say it’s Ana who set the tone and led by example.  In fact, her resolve to educate herself in the unfamiliar world of BDSM was our first glimpse of this.

As the two characters embarked on their journey together, we were pleased to see that at the outset, CONSENT was a key component of their relationship.  As it should be in every relationship.  Certainly, there were moments where it appeared Ana was in way over her head, though we’re not sure it can be argued that she didn’t give the green light.  She does come to realize however, that the kind of relationship Christian wants is not something she can fully wrap her arms around.  She walks away.  It was the right thing for her to do.  She said no.

In the beginning of the second book, Christian wants her back, but not before laying out the gound rules.  He tells her she will have to ASK FIRST (well, all right, his exact words involved “begging”, but we’re summarizing here).    We gleefully envisioned Christian Grey wearing one of our ASK FIRST tees as he stands by her side in the kitchen slicing  red peppers.  “You have got to ASK me FIRST, baby.”

And, though they were never short on struggles, they were able to maintain an open line of communication, which eventually allowed their relationship to evolve into something that satisfied them both.

We’re not going to dissect the entire book here.  That could take hours.  We really just wanted to share what we got out of the book.  CONSENT and COMPROMISE.  That was our take away.

Laters, Baby.


WWYMD Will Release New French-Inspired Collection

WWYMD has designed a French-inspired tee collection to add to their new Spring line in response to the growing media attention from France.  “We are incredibly excited to debut the new collection which includes the French translation of some of our more popular phrases,” reports Maria Watts of WWYMD.

The French Connection

Recently approached by Ted Anspach, a journalist with French TV station M6, WWYMD was thrilled to participate in a segment that discusses the growing movement against casual sex amongst teens and young adults in the Unisted States.   The story, which will air in France later in the year will serve to illustrate that casual sex isn’t being taken as lightly as it used to.  “With the potential repercussions involved, it is encouraging to see young people thinking twice about their decisions.,” said Watts.  “Emotional as well as physical well-being is taking precedence in their decision making.”

The new collection can be found at


What Would Your Mother Do Captures The Attention Of French TV

A northern California based online retailer, WWYMD.COM has caught the attention of French-speaking TV channel M6 with their collection of whimsical t-shirts and boy shorts designed for teens and young adults.

What Would Your Mother Do? (WWYMD) was created two years ago by Maria and Shawn Watts of Redding, CA, who were tired of the uber provocative messages on apparel aimed at young girls and boys. The collection is a fresh take on t-shirts and underwear that can be used to inspire wise choices and promote a conversation.

Ted Anspach a journalist for French TV M6, said the company caught his attention as he prepared a story segment on the growing movement against casual sex amongst teens and young adults in the United States. “People usually have sex before marriage, but again youngsters are now questioning the fact that having sex might not be just for fun,” he said. “And having sex at an early age doesn’t specially mean being ‘cool.”

The segment on WWYMD was taped over a two day period in February 2012 and will air in France later in the year.


The 5 Most Important College Items

With graduation coming up soon, I thought I’d compose a list of the top 5 most important college items. These are things that I could not have done without during my first year of college:

5. Yoga Pants – Yoga pants are the classier cousin of sweatpants. Still completely comfy, but a little more put-together than your average sweats. They are totally acceptable to wear to class, the gym, or to run errands. I am in love with Victoria Secret’s yoga pants, I have them in multiple styles and colors and I basically live in them. Most college bookstores even offer school-spirited yoga pants!

4. Rainboots – My college town is sunny and 75 degrees about 10 months out of the year. I thought my need for rain-proof clothing was eliminated when I moved down south. I was wrong. After just one day of walking across campus in drenched, squishing shoes, my dorm neighbors and I made a bulk rainboot order from Target. They have so many cute styles at a really great price. Pick up an extra umbrella while you’re there, too!

3. Foam Mattress Topper – Getting a solid night of sleep is very difficult. Between late night studying sessions, loud neighbors, and the occasional fire alarm, you will come to appreciate every little nap and wink of sleep you can get. A comfortable bed is the best way to make the most of your sleep, especially if you are stuck with the twin dorm bed. Getting a full night’s rest will improve all aspects of your college career.

2. Smartphone – There is nothing worse than trudging through the rain to get to class at 8 am and find out your class is cancelled. My emails are sent to my phone so I never miss an important announcement or reminder. My phone of choice is an Android, the HTC Droid Incredible. It has served me well over the last year and I have no complaints…except that I can’t put it down!

1. Laptop – I cannot live without my computer and I can’t stress how much of my life is held inside of it! I chose to get a Macbook Pro because I’ve worked with Macs my whole life; they’re easy to use, last a long time, and are very college-friendly. Yes, there are cheaper alternatives but I have never once regretted my Mac (and I paid for it myself so that’s saying alot!).


Still going strong!

I’m still alive!

Spring term has been more than a handful. School is kicking my booty while I wear those cute undies! I am taking 19 units this term- what possessed me to do that I’m still trying to figure out. I’m probably on campus more than I am at home. I guess that’s how it should be in college though. It shows you’re a good student when you spend the majority of your time in school and away from other distracting events. I just recently joined a sorority, YAY Tri Delta. I’ve been heavily involved with all my New Member Education sessions and various social events with the girls to create strong bonds of sisterhood. I’m blessed to be surrounded by such classy and strong women on a daily basis. Speaking of strong people, my mom and dad are coming this weekend. Tri Delta is putting on “Mom’s Weekend” and we have tons of fun events planned for the moms and their daughters. My dad is tagging along for the ride :) I can’t wait to see her and my dad!

Hopefully everyone who is reading this is having a wonderful and uplifting day.

Peace love and happiness,



April babies

Well, today is my boyfriends 21st Birthday! He had casually  mentioned to  me at some point or any other that he wanted  a pair of nicer khaki slacks. I picked up on his cue quite appropriately for his birthday surprise.  So I went out to Macy*s, luckily they were having a sale, and I picked him up a pair of Docker khaki’s and a nice white polo. I’m planning on surprising him with the presents tonight before our yummy Olive Garden Dinner, courtesy  of his Mommy! Fingers crossed the pants fit!

Happy Birthday to all April babies and drink responsibly if you’re turning 21 :)